Reunions ruled out

NEW STRAITS TIMES bertarikh 9 Disember 2009 – “REUNIONS RULED OUT”

Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) would like to thank the newspaper colu- mnist (NEW STRAITS TIMES dated 9 December 2009 – “REUNIONS RULED OUT”.

MOE understands the personal requirements of all its personnel in celebrating Christmas and other festivals. However, as a goverment officer, one should put his/her professional responsibility and commitment above personal matter.

Every year, Lembaga Peperiksaan receives many new applications from teachers all over Malaysia to become examiners for the major examinations. Furthers all, teachers who have been marking the previous year too will be offered to be an examiner for the present year. The decision to accept or decline the offer lies entirely on these teachers.

The public examinations are conducted according to the scheduled times and of which many factors regarding the running of examination to the marking of scripts, right up to the release of the examination resultss need to be considered carefully. Everything needs to be executed well and on time as not to dismay the candidates and the public at large. Hence, the tight schedule of marking and co-ordinating the SPM answer scripts.

MOE welcomes thoughts and opinion put forth by the public in improving the management of examination. With that in mind, this year, the SPM examination started one week later than the previous year due to the request made by the public and schools, especially teachers. SPM examination is held during the school holidays as not disrupt the tight school term schedule.

Nonetheless, MOE appreciates comments from everyone for the betterment of our examinations.



23 DECEMBER 2009

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