Ministry’s statement unfair and incorrect


Ministry of Education (MOE) likes to say thank you to the writer “PROF. ABDUL RASHID MOHAMED, CHAIRMAN OF MALAYSIAN DEANS’ COUNCIL” and referring to the Letter to Editor (The STAR DATED 6 Januari 2010 – MINISTRY’S STATEMENT UNFAIR AND INCORRECT).

The intake of trainee teachers by public universities is based on the projection of teachers requirement by the Ministry of Education (MoE) which is being updated on a yearly basis. Thus, trainee teachers from public universities are assured of getting posted to MoE schools upon successful completion of their studies.

Trainee teachers complete their studies at various points in a year that differ according to universities. Most of teacher postings by MoE are done in early January each year. Nevertheless, teacher vacancies (due to death, furthering of studies, resignation, retirement, etc) occur throughout the year and thus the need for teacher postings to be conducted from time to time.

The postings of fresh teachers are made by the different divisions of the MoE such as the Schools Division, Special Education Division, Islamic Education and Technical and Vocational Division on a staggered basis according to the cohorts of graduates from the various universities. For example, the Schools Division has performed eight series of postings in 2009. The MoE endeavours to fill up all vacant posts. Since vacancies occurred throughout the year whilst fresh teachers are available at specific points in a year, vacant posts are temporarily filled up by untrained teachers.

MoE has to be prudent with its projection of teacher requirements because it takes seven and five years from the time a projection is made to the time of actual postings of primary and secondary school teachers respectively. A positive error in projection will result in excess teachers whom the MoE will not be able to provide postings whereas a negative error will result in inadequate number of teachers.

Basically, the errors in projections of teacher requirements comprised of random errors i.e. errors due to fluctuations in rate of increase of school going-age population and systematic errors i.e. errors due to change of educational policies and programmes. Thus, the long period between the time a projection is done and the time of actual posting of teachers poses a huge challenge for the ministry to provide teachers in the right numbers and specialisations in a scenario of changing education policies and programmes.

MoE is very concerned in ensuring that all trainee teachers will get their postings to schools upon completion of their degree programmes. Thus, they need not worry about their postings because the postings will be made from time to time.



13 JANUARI 2010

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