Malaysia Airport 2011 Scholarship

The Education Sponsorship Program (ESP) is yet another Corporate Responsibility (CR) program byMalaysia Airports in support of its CR mission to be a world-class organisation that is committed to sustainable development of its communities. The ESP program is a platform for us to make a difference by nurturing young talents and contributing positively to the nation and its people.

The ESP is designed to encourage and support excellent students to attain their high educational and professional objectives. The ESP aims to provide the sponsorship for potential individuals with excellent education background to continue their studies at selected Colleges and Universities, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and competencies to become the future leaders of Malaysia.

This is one of the primary social obligations for Malaysia Airports to develop the talent pool in ensuring continuous supply of highly competent staff for its immediate and future growth and needs.This program will also groom the next generation to be leaders in airports business industry.

Fields of Study

The ESP aims to sponsor students undertaking Management, Engineering, Information Technology and other courses which are related to Malaysia Airports’ business objectives.

There are 2 types of programs offered:

  • Foundation Program
  • The foundation program is sponsorship extended for preparation courses done locally, prior to proceeding to undergraduate programs at either at local or overseas colleges and universities.

  • Undergraduate Program
  • The undergraduate program is sponsorship extended for undergraduate studies both locally and overseas.

The eligibility criteria for Foundation Program are:

  • Must be a Malaysian
  • Achieve minimum education standards as listed in Annexure 1

The eligibility criteria for Undergraduate Program are:

  • Must be a Malaysian
  • Achieve minimum education standards as listed in Annexure 1
  • Complete Foundation program with minimum CGPA of 3.00 and above at a recognized College/University and be accepted to the Undergraduate studies at any local or international college/university.
  • Students with other scholarship scheme or individual funding may be considered. (details refer toAnnexure 1)
  • Accept all responsibilities and obligations outlined in this policy by signing the Education Sponsorship Contract (Agreement)


Application for ESP shall be made through the Human Resource Division (HRD) of Malaysia Airports or by filling in the online application form at Malaysia Airports’ official website.

The criteria for the selection of potential students are based on the following:-

  • excellence in education and co-curriculums;
  • interview outcome;
  • acceptance to continue study by recognized colleges or universities; and
  • written and profiling test.


  • The selection for Foundation and Degree programs at Colleges/ Universities will be made by the applicant in consultation with the Malaysia Airports, where applicable.
  • The student must attend a recognized Colleges/Universities certified by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) of Malaysia and approved by Malaysia Airports.
  • The student must ensure the course program applied is approved by Malaysia Airports.


Tuition Fees:

  • tuition and registration fees will be paid in full for students who are taking up full time courses at the recognized College or Universities; (refer to Annexure V)
  • tuition fees will be paid only for the courses which are officially listed as compulsory by the college or university for the completion of the program;
  • other elective courses may be sponsored with prior approval from Malaysia Airports i.e. Aviation Management,Transport and Logistics, and etc;

Costs for Books & Supplies, Accommodation, Project, Thesis Papers and Practical Training allowances will be provided as per requirement.

Home Passage

Return airfare tickets will be provided once a year to Undergraduate students attending colleges or universities overseas.

Clothing allowance;

The students will be provided with winter clothing allowance once a year (if required).

Living Allowance;

  • Food, lodging, local travel, tuition and course program equipments i.e computer etc. will be provided under the sponsorship agreement;
  • Living allowances will be paid every month to the student whether during semester break or any college or university approved holidays.

Management Rights Clause

Malaysia Airports reserves the sole and exclusive discretion to evaluate and offer the sponsorship to qualified candidates as it deems fit. All decisions of Malaysia Airports in any matter in relations to the ESP shall be final and no discussion or correspondence will be entertained. Malaysia Airports reserves the exclusive right and responsibility to manage the ESP successful candidates and to direct the successful candidates who are subject to this program.


30 April 2011

For details, please visit Malaysia Airport Portal.


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